I love photographing weddings - capturing the moments that couple's will look at and share with their families and friends for many years is very special.  Lots of brides say to me they want that "in the moment" style of photo's, so far I think I've delivered to their remit.  Being behind the lens on their special day, I get to capture the special moments that are taking place throughout the day that the happy couple are probably unaware of until they see their wedding photo's.   I always insist on an engagement shoot as this helps me get to know the couple but also helps put them at ease so they are comfortable in front of the camera.  During the engagement shoot I can teach them how to pose in front of the camera confidently, in preparation for their big day.  

When I'm not busy working with clients then I like to get out and about with my camera, travelling around UK and Europe with my wife Clare.  If I'm on holiday anywhere I'm not happy unless I have my camera in my hand, I'm always looking for that "great shot" - I like to capture the essence of the place's we visit.  It might not always be the typical postcard shot, I tend to look for subjects out of the ordinary that catch my eye, which some people would think "what's he photographing that for..." it's grafiti on a wall, or a battered front door of a derelict house.  When I'm photographing people in the street, whether it's people with really interesting faces or maybe I'll have captured someone unaware of the camera that makes the shot look so natural, these are the kind of images that inspire me and I think maybe some of my best work.   It can be a little bit tricky doing Street photography as some people are not impressed, it does help to be a little bit thick skinned.

My Story

I am an all round photographer, specialising in weddings, christening and portraits.  Based in Birmingham, UK, I live with my lovely wife Clare.  While Clare has been my photography widow for the last 10 years, really I don't think she minds having the TV to herself while I'm editing through thousands of photo's.  Come the weekend Clare's usually the one who has found somewhere for us to visit and photograph (if I'm not already working).  I think she is my biggest (but fairest) critic, if somethings not great, she'll tell me.

I shoot with several Nikon and Sony DSLR's and have built up a wide range of lenses over the years.  In the past I've only used my macro lens for wedding rings shots, but recently I've been experimenting with wildlife which you can see in my portfolio.


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